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Who is this guy?

Hi, I am Torbjørn "Torbs" Husevåg. A Norwegian author, personal trainer, intermittent fasting expert and business consultant (MSc.) dedicated to helping other ambitious people build a "Lean Body & Strong Mind" for life and work - by doing fewer things, but better. 

More About Me

"Finally, a new fitness book. Just what the world needed." - Said no one ever. 

Luckily, this book is different. It is the essential fitness handbook for busy professionals and entrepreneurs.

Discover the 4 key habits to get lean, strong & energetic body while training and eating how you enjoy. 

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1. Upgrade mindset

Learn the secrets to lasting motivation and strong habits with the "Momentum Journal". 

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Burn fat and boost energy with Intermittent Fasting (IF) & Key Performance Ingredients (KPIs)

Train smarter

Build muscle anywhere with only 7 basic moves following The MVP 7 (Minimal Viable Program).

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Simple audio programs to sleep better, learn to meditate and stress down. 

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"High Performance Principles"

📥  Learn how to lose fat, get strong and supercharge your energy. All while crushing your business goals and eating the foods you enjoy.