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Who is this guy?

Hi, I am Torbjørn "Torbs" Husevåg. A Norwegian author, personal trainer, mountain hiker, filmmaker and consultant (MSc.) helping other adventure seekers get physically and mentally fit for your next active adventure - by doing fewer things, but better. 

More About Me

My 12-week coaching program will help you:

1. Upgrade mindset

Learn the secrets to lasting motivation and strong habits with the "Momentum Journal". 

2. Eat better

Burn fat and boost energy with Key Performance Ingredients (KPIs) & Intermittent Fasting (IF) 

3. Train smarter

Build muscle and endurance anywhere with only 7 basic moves (The MVP 7)

4. Recharge fully

Simple audio programs to sleep better, learn to meditate and stress down. 

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Online training, nutrition and habit coaching helping ambitious professionals get lean, strong and energized with weekly accountability. Don't think, just train. 

🧠 Unlock lasting motivation
💪 Get functionally fit w/ 3 weekly sessions
🌯 Lose fat while eating what you enjoy
🏃‍♂️ Move better to prevent injury and pain
🔋 Recharge fully to boost energy

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But don't listen to me.. 

I am obviously quite biased. See what others have said:

Great varied training with a motivating and professional PT. Recommended!

Daniel, T

Torbs is an incredibly skilled PT. He is both knowledgable and emphazise on making it fun.
Helena, W.


Great program, introduction to proper technique and scaling. 
Andreas, H.

Insanely good coach and workouts. 


Sebastian, M.

Latest articles & YouTube videos 

My articles on fitness, personal development and adventure travel attracts 30.000+ annual readers. 

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"Finally, a new fitness book. Just what the world needed." - Said no one ever. 

Luckily, this book is different. It is the essential fitness handbook for busy professionals and entrepreneurs seeking active adventures.

Discover the 4 key habits to get lean, strong & energetic body while training and eating how you enjoy. 

Read more about the book

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