Lean Body, Strong Mind helps ambitious entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals unlock 4 simple habits to get lean, strong and energized in just 4 hours per week. All while training and eating the foods you enjoy.

Based on 10 years of research, coaching and work experience in business consulting, Torbjørn "Torbs" Husevåg helps you get leaner by doing fewer things, but better. All the training and nutrition planning is done for you, so have more time and energy for your career and social life.

276 pages in colors with exercise illustrations, recipe images and animations.

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"A complete high performance system for ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals"

Transform your body and habits in 12 weeks with 4 modules. In this book, I give you the exact tools, systems and habits I have used to help countless people get in the shape of their life. And stay there. 

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Meet the author

Hi, my name is Torbs. Short for Torbjørn Husevåg. A Norwegian fitness author, MSc & certified PT specialized in designing simple fitness habits for ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals wanting to lose fat, build muscle and boost energy for life and work.

In this book, I give you the exact tools, systems and habits I have used to help countless people get in the shape of their life. And stay there. 

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The pandemic nobody talks about

At an early age I picked up an interest in how both the body and mind worked. That interest suddenly became a necessity one spring day in 2012, as my back suddenly gave up on me. I was struck with a back pain so intense that I barely completed a full semester in business school lying on the floor of the library. For 6 months I could barely sit on a chair. Exercise was impossible. I gained 15 kg in 1 year.

No doctors, therapists or trainers could do anything about my back.
They told me I had to quit training and accept living with:

❌ back pain
❌ low energy
❌ feeling weak
❌ being out of shape
❌ poor posture

They said this was the new normal for modern day professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs. Our sedentary stressful lifestyle, combined with poor eating and sleeping habits is on direct crash course with our own biology.

But I did not accept this fate. 

And neither should you. 

I realized, since I am stuck with this body for the rest of my life, I have the potential to become my own best therapist - when properly educated. I could not wait for anyone else to find the solution for my back. It was time to take extreme ownership of my health and fitness.

I needed to figure out how my body worked, so I could fix it my myself.

Over the next decade, I dedicated myself to learning as much as I could about anatomy, physiology, ancestral health, evolution and preventive exercise.

At first, sorting out all the nutrition advice I gathered from books, magazines and health professionals seemed complicated and sometimes even contradicting.

When I was finally able to cut through the noise, I realized that the keyword was context. You need to understand what advice applies to your current situation and your goal.

I realized that my body was created for movement. And that a static work day, with long hours hunched over a computer, is a sure recipe for lifelong back pain, low energy and being out of shape.

Unless, you follow the right system. 

By breaking down physical and mental fitness to its “first principles”, I found the solution that literally got me back on my feet (and a personal trainer education).

I ended up dramatically transforming my body by developing uncommonly simple nutrition habits and extremely effective workouts tailored to a sedentary office lifestyle. I only did 3 workouts a week to get my body fat down to 8-10% year around despite a sedentary existence.

Inspired to share what I had learned, I dreamed of leaving my consulting career to publish a book and start an online personal training practice. I got the top certifications in the fitness field and spent countless hours training men of all different ages and levels.

In December 2020, I published my book "Lean Body, Strong Mind" in multiple countries documenting this system. That is 9 years after the doctors told me to give up exercise and live with pain, weakness and being overweight among other now "normal" traits. Now, I personally want to help you start your journey. 

But don't take my word for it. I am obviously biased. 

Rather listen to what others have said about my work after 300+ copies sold..

Five stars!

Deep information that touches on eating, thinking and doing. A must for getting into the mindset for continuous exercise! Håkon Egge 

Simple habits

After 3 weeks on the Tabata-program. Finally a program I can stick to. Perfect during lockdown. Love the 80/20 rule. Ben Parnell. 


The four elements of fitness are easy to understand and fun to learn about. Feeling motivated to start a new journey! Ellen

Great book!

This book provides a super breakdown of the basic elements of a healthy lifestyle. It is easy to follow and full of great advice! Martin Bailey

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This is a must have for all off you wanting to get in shape mentally and physically. 

 A better life starts now

Incredibly interesting and important book. Practical tips to become your own best trainer. Lene

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Master the 4 key habits get lean, strong & energetic while training and eating how you enjoy. Discover the essential fitness system for ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals to develop a high performance body and mind. 

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