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How to deal with stress: 3 tips to improve mental health at work NOW

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How to deal with stress: 3 tips to improve mental health at work NOW

During the past year, weve all gone through long periods of high stress. 
More emails, meetings and weekends behind a computer to simply catch up. 

This all leads to less time for training, healthy eating and just catching a breath. Although we men often try to hide it, long periods of stress can ruin pretty much any health goal you have. 

Over time, your mental health can deteriorate and lead to anxiety, depression and burnout. 

Therefore, I wrote down 3 simple strategies to deal with stress right now (link to YouTube-video). In short they are: 

1. Daily walks:
When you are stressed, learn to take breaks. Physically distancing yourself from work can actually be very productive. 

2. Journal:
Our brain is much better at progressing ideas, then to store them in a calm, organized way. That’s why we have notebooks. When you work from a ToDo-list, you go from having things «on top of you» to having things «in front of you».

3. Get started on priority #1:
We are often stressed when we know we’re avoiding the uncomfortable, yet most important tasks. When you start tackling priority #1; stress, fear and worry usually fades away.

Hope that helps. Watch the YouTube-video below:

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