Bulgur Chicken Salad (Healthy Dinner Recipe)

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The Bulgur Chicken Salad  is my favorite quick & healthy dinner. I make this every week, at least once. It is also suited for having leftovers. 

Bulgur - Torbs

Main Ingedients
200g Chicken Filet (Creole Seasoning)
70g Bulgur
200g Spinach (or kale mix)

Nice to have vegetables:
1 Tomato
½ Fenikkel
½ Spring Onion

Tasty Toppings:
4 Sundried Tomatos
1 teaspoon of Feta Cheese
Balsamic Vinegar

How to make:

  1. Fry Chicken in pan until it get a crispy. The finish in the oven on 200 celcius. 
  2. Cook bulgur for approx 10 minutes. 
  3. Cut all the vegetables everything
  4. Mix everything into a bowl
  5. Serve on a plate
This is also my go-to lunch alternative when:
A: I will eat lunch outside of my office canteen; like when on a travel
B: I eat lunch at home, but don't want to spend zero time cooking
C: Otherwise don´t want to allocate any brain power to what lunch will bring
Bulgur Chicken Salad

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