Power Oatmeal (Healthy Breakfast Recipe)

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This is my go-to breakfast when eating at home, as the oatmeal will give you all the energy you need for an active day. Adding cottage cheese will not only provide more protein, but also give a better texture to the meal. To naturally sweeten the oatmeal, while adding vitamins and healthy fats; I add a chopped apple and top with cinnamon, chopped almonds and banana.

Main Ingredients

80g Rolled oats
150g Cottage Cheese (Low Fat - 1 %)

Nice to have vegetables:
½ Apple, ½ Banana, 10 Almonds


How to make (1 servings)
1) Mix 2 dl (80g) of rolled oats with 3 dl of water
2) Add 150g of light cottage cheese
3) Add 1 apple chopped into small pieces
4) Stir around and boil until all the water is absorbed to the oats
5) Add topping: cinnamon & almonds. If you feel fancy you could banana

Here is my simple infographic to sum it all up:

Power Oatmeal


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