How to get lean without thinking

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how to lean lean without thinking

You might not regard yourself as a disciplined person, but there is hope. It can be trained. Or easier; it can be avoided. 

In fact, the secret to self-control is to limit your need for it. 

We humans like to think we make our choices based on our own judgment. However, our choices are often just based on the options we are faced.

Example: You walk into your kitchen and suddenly spot a bowl of cookies on the counter and start snacking. Since you probably were not deliberately searching for cookies before they occurred in front of you, your choice of eating cookies was simply a reaction to an option you were faced with.

In the case of mindless snacking on candy throughout the week, try to simply avoid buying the foods on your “avoid list” to eliminate the occurrence of these options, and thus save your willpower. Willpower is actually a diminishing resource that gets drained during the day the more you use it. 

In fact, seemingly disciplined people are actually not better at avoiding temptations when they are put in front of them. They are simply better at structuring their day, so they don’t have to use discipline. 

So, the secret to self-control ("and getting lean without thinking") is simply to structure our environment so we don’t have to use self-control.

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