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Royal Marines Press Up Test (PRMC): 60 Push Ups In 2 Min

Here we are going to test your strength in push ups, following the exact tempo used in the official Royal Marines Press Up Test (PRMC). Follow this video:

If you are new to this challenge, work yourself gradually trough the 6 levels, by doing one or two more reps each times. For top score, you must complete all 60 push ups in 2 minutes.  


How to go from 25 to 60 push ups (Key Principles)

Note: When you pass 20 reps, you are primarily training the endurance of your chest, triceps and core. So, if your primary goal is to build muscle and strength, I recommend upgrading to more challenging push ups variations (ex. elevated legs) once you can perform 20 push ups. The goal of doing 60 push ups is a feat of endurance, more than strength. Therefore, it need to be treated differently compared to regular strength training. 

1. Volume per workout

Do 80 push ups per session with proper form, broken into as many sets as you need with 1-2 minutes rest in between. This is because we need to build up the work capacity to do push ups beyond our goal of 60 push ups. To force progress, your goal is to complete all the 80 reps with fewer sets, following the tempo in this video. 

2. Workouts per week

Do push-ups 3 times per week, with at least 1 day of rest in between. Training 1 muscle group hard each day is not smart, as it will not allow enough time to properly recover between each workout. The sweet spot for building endurance with this method is 3 times per week, since that allows at least 48 hours rest.

3. Rest

Because we are building endurance, we must keep the rest times strict, by resting between 1-2 minutes. When training to improve single set out-puts, its important to keep the sets continuously without stop. If you must stop, then do it without lucked out arms.

4. No failure

Stop a few reps shy of failure by leaving a few reps in reserve. By doing this you avoid fatigue in the upcoming sets. This will enable you to do more reps per set. Hitting failure on the first set is not smart, because it will reduce your reps in the next set.

5. Form > Reps

Finally, make sure you keep a perfect technique for each rep. 
1. Lock your elbows out fully
2. Touch the floor with your chest
3. Keep your body in a straight line.

The program: From 25 to 60 reps in 8 weeks

Here is a sample rep guide for someone who can do 25 push ups in a single set today, but want to do 60 push ups. This assumes doing push ups 3 times per week as the only chest training. If you also do bench press, dips etc., that will impact your need for recovery between each push up session.

By keep adding 5 reps to your first set, you will reach 60 reps in week 8.

As you see, we are doing 80 total reps per workout. As the weeks progress, we keep the volume the same, but with fewer sets. This will improve single set numbers, and move you closer to the goal of 60 reps. 

Remember to use a full range of motion and good luck. 


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