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Norwegian fitness author, certified PT & business consultant (MSc) specialized in helping ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs build a lean body and strong mind for life in less than 4 hours per week while still enjoying your favorite foods.

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1. Who is Torbs
2. The problem
3. The solution

Who is Torbs? And why is he training?

Hi, my name is Torbjørn Husevåg. But just call me Torbs. As in Torbs Training. 

At an early age I picked up an interest in how both the body and mind worked. More specifically, in what ways the body and mind might be interacting. That interest suddenly became a necessity one spring day in 2012, as my back suddenly gave up on me.

I was struck with a back pain so intense that the only thing I could do was to lie on the floor. For 6 months I could barely sit on a chair. Exercising was impossible. I barely completed a full semester at college lying on the floor of the library. I experienced first hand that when the body does not work properly, the mind follows. In my case, when severe back pain kicked in, the mind blurred out. And no doctors, physiotherapists or chiropractors could do anything about my “non-specific back pain”.

That was when it dawned on me. No one knows my body better than myself. And since I was stuck with my body 24/7 for the rest of my life, I had the potential (when educated) to become my own best therapist. Thus, I could not wait any longer for someone else to find the solution for my back. I needed to figure out how my body worked, so I could fix it my myself.

Torbs Training was born. But despite this story, I am not writing about back pain. I am breaking down fitness to its first principles, so you also can become your own best trainer.


The problem

Busy professionals and entrepreneurs often over-prioritize their career or business on behalf of their health. This is due to a lack of time, motivation and knowledge. Over time, this can lead to weight gain, poor posture and the dreaded "burnout". Hiring a good coach can be expensive and navigating the landscape of health and fitness advice online can be quite overwhelming. Let me illustrate:

I am one of you

With my background as MSc in Business and work experience in business consulting, I know your work week can become sedentary, that motivation fluctuates and sometimes “life just happens”. I know that life has more to it than just perfecting your gym selfie. Here is my background and experience. 


Stretches to improve posture


But with my programs you can still get in the best shape of your life - and stay that way. If you, or someone you know, have prioritized career over health for way too long, my book and programs will get you right back in shape.

As a certified personal trainer (SAFE) and online trainer (AFPT), I want to help everyone with a busy everyday life and limited time for training and cooking - gain control and transform your body and mindset to whatever goal you desire. The benefits you gain from my program will extend way beyond what you can see in the mirror. In fact, improving your physical health and fitness will influence all other aspects of your life. You will think clearer, have more energy and handle stress better.

With my 12-week video-guided system for busy professionals and entrepreneurs, you will gain back control over your health and fitness - while also performing your best at work.

(If nothing else, you will get some cheerful reading and videos.)

Stretches to improve posture

Perfect, then I would like a six-pack in 2 weeks. What to do?

No. Wrong person. To get real results, it takes consistent effort over time. 12 weeks is what I need to help you transform your body to a shape you did not though was possible for you. But more importantly, build strong habits. Fitness is a journey that everyone should start, but never end. And I am here to make the process as simple as possible for you.
If you are new to my programs, you can try my completely free 21 day core challenge below to learn the 3 keys of building a strong core for life. See you inside.

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